Complete Guide on Renting A Dumpster For Home Renovation in Orlando

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Dumpster rental in Orlando The Pros and Cons

Waste generation is something people do on daily basis. Sometimes, it’s the normal waste that can easily be disposed of using the small residential bins. Other times, the scale of the waste shoots high. A good example is when you have a home remodel project. There is super waste products that can include a wide range of waste materials and not only the food wastes. Major cleanups require a bigger bin capacity. Certain types of waste also require special disposal. In such major projects, dumpsters become the best containers. They come in different sizes for clients to pick the most appropriate. Dumpsters are also managed by specialized companies. They receive orders, deliver the dumpsters, pick them up after they are filled and do the disposing. Not only will your waste be managed efficiently, but also the neighbors will make no complaints. More Info at

People who have done home remodeling understand the need for dumpster rentals. Home remodel projects often bring in new home elements to replace the old ones. The big question then is where do the old items go to? In some cases, the old items can be resold or reused. If that doesn’t happen, some items will compete for space inside the house. Since the space is often limited these days, most of the items end up as trash. Not forgetting that remodeling projects on their own generate super waste materials and debris during construction. It is much easier and cost-effective to hire a dumpster for garbage disposal.

Dumpsters are available in different sizes, designs, loading options and so on. Homeowners are advised to pick their best dumpsters depending on their requirements. Some dumpsters are sideloaded design while others adopt a front-loading design. Some require top loading. There are also different categories of waste including green waste, recyclables, construction waste and general waste. How each category of waste is disposed of depends on what is inside the dumpster. Cost of hiring a dumpster also differs with the type of waste to be disposed of.

How it works

Many people like to associate the dumpster rentals to the normal waste disposal bins. Your bin at home is there for you to throw waste products into it. Once it is filled, you empty the bin in a regular waste collection system. This applies only for the normal waste materials. When it is about rubbish, then there is need to do a little bit more for effective management. Dumpsters come in as the best option for rubbish disposal. This is normally waste produced during home remodels and the debris that collect by. Disposing of such materials requires special attention considering the slow rate of decomposition.

If you are in need of a dumpster either because of a home remodel project or a general cleanup, you can easily contact the best dumpster rental company in your region. You can then agree on the type and model of the dumpster you want for your project. Issues of payments are also agreed upon on these early stages. They will respond by delivering the dumpster to the specified location. You have seen these dumpsters lying in front of construction sites and homes. They are not to be mistaken by other bins, for example, those behind restaurants.

What follows is filling the dumpsters by the homeowners. It can be filled to the top if there is a mountain of rubbish. The dumpster can also be filled to whatever level it gets if the rubbish is not that much. Once the house owner is done with the dumpster, they notify the dumpster company. This gives the company the leeway to pick up the bin and dispose of the rubbish.

When to hire a dumpster rental Company

There are very many situations that call for dumpster rentals. We are going to discuss some of them hereof;

  • DIY projects – home improvement projects are common. People are always looking for ways to make better their homes. Homeowners want their homes to keep gaining value even as they age. This means replacement of the worn-out elements and upgrading others. In do it yourself projects, it can be the replacement of windows, roofing, flooring, wall demolitions, siding and what have you. In such projects, you can bet there will be the massive production of rubbish. All the debris and unwanted materials will have to be taken somewhere. To contain and effectively manage the huge wastes, dumpster rentals provide the best option.
  • Yard projects – yard projects are not similar to any other. You are dealing with tree trunks, roots, shrubs and such. Looking at these types of waste, there is no way one will place them in the ordinary city bins. The dumpsters are made to suit such projects. If you go any other way, it might cost you a lot of money. Dumpsters are cost-effective and suitable to help haul away rubbish emanating from yard projects.
  • Moving out – when you are moving out of a home, there are certain items that you don’t require on the other end. You also need to leave the house clean and trimmed. When you are to sell that home, you require gaining the most out of it. That means that you make it impressive to the buyers. It is true that you might not fill the entire capacity of the dumpster. However, this remains the best move as some items do not fit to be placed in the ordinary bins.

How to cut down rental costs

It makes no sense for you to buy your own dumpster. It is not something you will be using on daily basis. These containers are convenient only on certain specific occasions where a large amount of trash is to be produced. During normal times, the ordinary bins will do the job. Another thing to note is that the dumpsters are not coming free of charge. They can be expensive for your information. This is the reason why you don’t see many of these containers out there. However, this is not to say that you cannot afford them. If you require one delivered at your location, it will be done at your demands. Even with a tight budget, there are some shortcuts to make a breakthrough. Read on to discover the tips.

  • Ask for value of money

After contacting the dumpster rental company, you need to ask questions regarding pricing. Many of the companies will put you in the dark here making quotes that are exaggerated. It is up to you to ask questions so that you clearly understand why you are being charged the quoted sum. The best companies will break down the cost items to a structure that you can easily interpret. If you see some sense in the answers you get, then you are safe. If your questions are not properly answered in layman’s language, run. Hesitate not ask what needs to be asked.

  • Accessibility matters

The price quoted by dumpster rental companies varied greatly with the location where the container is to be delivered. If the truck has traveled a long distance to get to you, then the higher the cost. Most importantly, how is the accessibility of your location. In locations where there is obstructions that makes it hard for the truck to do the delivery and pickup, then you can bet that the rental companies will have some excuse to charge more. You need to ensure that your location is clear from obstructions. These could be hanging wires, traffic jams, tree branches and what have you.

  • Weight of rubbish

There might be some confusion between the volume and the weight of the dumpster once it is full. The volume is not something to worry about. The dumpster will not accommodate more material than its volume. The excess will simply glow out. On the other hand, the materials with high density m t even not fill the dumpster, but the weight may already have exceeded the limit. That alone attracts some extra charges. Before hauling away, the container together with its constituents will have to be measured. You better hope that you are within the accepted limits. You can avoid exceeding the limit by checking the kind of debris to put inside there.

  • Watch prohibited materials

What happens when you break the law? You get prosecuted and get fined. We are interested in the fining for now. There are certain items that are accepted into the dumpsters. However, there are other materials that do not fit in there. These materials include the hazardous substances such as wet paints, batteries, tires and the like. Dumpster rentals make it clear what items are not to be placed in their containers. Going ahead and not complying will only attract fines. Sometimes, you may not know when you are going against the rules. It is only responsible of you to go through the rules and consult where you are not sure. You will keep additional fees at bay.

  • Avoid overfilling the dumpster

Even as you put all your rubbish in the dumpster, watch not to exceed the maximum line. Doing this will make the container hard to handle and risk some debris fall during hauling. You are essentially calling the dumpster company into some other hassles that they are not willing to offer for free. They have to charge for every service they offer. If the rubbish is excessive, you need not crowd it all in one dumpster. You can hire several dumpsters, a big one and a small one. Or you can have one but consider several laps.

  • Watch the timelines

Dumpsters are not hired for an infinite duration of time. That should tell you to be on the run. In most companies, there maximum to be in the ownership of the container is 10 hours. That is essentially less than a single day. Exceeding the duration, the costs starts counting. They will not coming looking for their container. However, they know where they are to pinch you. Ensure that you call the company only after you are ready to get the job done. After you are done with filling it, make sure you let them as soon as possible.

Renting a dumpster like a pro

Hiring a dumpster when you have projects that generate a lot of trash is the most cost effective and effective thing to do. People who have gone that route, many have no regrets. However, this doesn’t mean that all is well just by hiring any dumpster. You have to past the tests. The first test and most critical one concerns which company you bring on board. Not all dumpster rental companies are the best. Some sham ones will make you regret the move and even hate using a dumpster next time. They delay to deliver and pick up the dumpster and end up making the project an expensive one. It doesn’t matter the reason why you require a dumpster, you need to get started in the right tone. Here are features to look at.

  1. How prompt?

This is the main point of judgement. You need a company that responds fast enough. Just listen to how the other guys on the phone talk to you and it will tell you much about who they are. If you are received with politeness and guided through the offers so that you clearly understand everything, then you can confirm to be at the right place. If the company representatives are not sure of what to tell you, and they keep on holding your call, there might be a problem. The best dumpster will be quick to deliver the container on site and respond quickly as well for pick up.

  1. Local company

You don’t need someone from outside your state. The best brand is one among the many local dumpster companies. Don’t engage in extra hassles by going far. The far companies will charge more and you might not know much of their reputation. They will also not easily understand the waste disposal and recycling sites in your region. The local brands remain the best and they have full knowledge of these. You can also seek assistance and referrals from the locals who have a clear picture of the local brands.

  1. Environment friendly

It is not just about getting rid of the trash, but how you get rid of it. We know very well that not all materials deserve to be in landfills. Others can be recycled into useful materials. A good dumpster company will understand this. And not only understanding but taking steps as well. They can work with the recycling companies. Those that go direct to the landfills without looking at what is inside the container don’t wish well for the environment. Why burry something that can be of value?

  1. Value for money

Once again, pricing needs to come into to play when determining companies that offer quality. You need to be sure that no games are being played on you from the word go. Some companies do the charges in ways that you can’t quite understand at first. They will use a formula that results into huge bills that are beyond your expectation. The best brand will explain everything to you so that you get to know all to expect in advance. Make sure you understand all the costs and penalties that may apply in the course of operation. Get formal clarifications as well.

  1. Reputation

The good thing is that all legal businesses are listed in the local authorities. Before you even proceed to search further details about a given brand, make sure that you see their name of the local listings. Failure to see their name will only mean that they are not licensed and hence not competent to handle the work.

  1. Conformity to your needs

Sometimes, your also need to check where you fit in the most. There is a true definition of the best company according to you. It doesn’t have to match the best company of other people. What you need to ask is whether your needs are being addressed by the dumpster brand. If you feel content with the offers you are getting, then you can go right ahead to select that brand. Some people require special attention. Some want the dumpster to be delivered on weekends when there is not much traffic. Others want extra labor force to do the filling. Other companies will easily accept any payment mode that is convenient with you. If a company is willing to listen to your needs and serve you as you wish, that is your best company. You will be surprised that not many brands are willing to do things your way.

The success of your project is not yet guaranteed until you give your best as well. You need to work closely with your selected company to ensure success. At the same time, take up your responsibility and do what needs to be done. For example, make sure you have a permit when it is necessary. If you are to place the dumpster near the road or in any other public land, then you need to be on the right side of the law. Contact the local authorities just to confirm this.

All said, flexibility is key. Go for an Orlando dumpster company that presents a number of options from which you can pick what suits you the most.

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